Saturday, December 22, 2012

New Map, AI System and GUI

Pretty much every zombie shooting game has some levels in a sci fi environment. So, there you go. New levels added in the game.
AI system in this game follows the basics from Valve's popular game "Left 4 Dead". 3 goals set for the implementation are:
  • Promote Re-playability
  • Generate Dramatic Game Pacing
  • Deliver Robust Behavior Performances
Meeting these goals while working with Unity3D did present it's own challenges. I may put some post detailing my approach to overcome the issues. Some of them will cover topics like the ways to implement dynamic spawning of enemy characters in an arbitrary map while tweaking the spawn position with parameters like in front/behind the player, highland or ground etc. Dynamic game pacing also seem to be of great value considering the simplicity of the algorithm that has been used. Both of these topics help adding re-playability to your game.

Following are the basic framework for the GUI system in game. In a nutshell

This is the main menu.

Level selection menu. An overall area map where the game levels take place.

In-app store where you can upgrade / buy stuffs like guns, health packs, powerups etc.

This is where you equip yourself with guns and supplies and get into the game. You can take maximum 3 guns, 1 explosive item and 2 powerups/health kits with you.

Note that, the images of the menu screens does not reflect the final outlook or art style. It is just to show how the menu navigation will work. Next update should be on more new levels and new characters in the game.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Updates on Dead Air

Character control system is almost done.

Also, trying to figure out how much post-processed effects can the target platform can handle.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Work started on project Dead Air

Started working on a survival horror game this November. Target platform is iOS and Android based devices. Screenshots below reflect current status of the game: 

I am still experimenting with the game environment settings. Also, making the user control system comfortable seems to be very tricky. Lot of it is also dependent on the game design.

In the ending levels of the game, there is plan to introduce some boss zombies. There has been some concept design and modeling done already on that part. Here are 2 of the models:

I will post a video on the gameplay as progress is made.