Thursday, October 13, 2011

Planning for an iPhone app

After completing a good iPhone game with decent effort for flower village, we are thinking this is the high time we put a serious effort for a iPhone game with unique and interesting gameplay.

"flower village" is good app and we are happy with what it does. Seeing the response from the users, we are also convinced that the users feel the same way. Lots of users who have downloaded the free version have upgraded to the paid version and in-app purchase has been done by most of the users who have give the app a good go (sending bouquet, growing garden etc.).

Saying the above, we do not feel like the percentage of gamer is very high who like this kind of app. We are observing the top games in app store for quite a bit time now and have convinced ourselves that several categories of games have more chances to get more successful than the others. 

So, we are going with a new idea of a game to work on next. It will be a very attractive theme, very interesting gameplay and will provide very smooth in-game experience (as also found in "flower village"). We are in a stage now we have a bare-bone concept for the gameplay. We are brainstorming right now with the theme to put the game in (as we have couple of theme, both of which can work out) along with defining the gameplay to a more matured one.

That's it for today. Keep in touch with us to get the updates on our work. Follow this blog, send an email to to if you have any queries.

"flower village" users can reach us here:

Update: Next game done was "Jelly Mon" - can be found here

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