Monday, March 25, 2019

Video Editor

Video editing is simply referred to as the arrangement and manipulation of various video shots. You will find it interesting to know that those intriguing and suspense-filled movies you love were all edited to make them perfect. With the recent technological developments, most people have created tons of videos from the comfort of their homes. While there are a whole lot of applications that could turn you into a video maker in less than no time, Add Music is currently the leading one. This app as the name implies offers you the opportunity to add music to videos.
With this video editor app, you could make, rearrange, and manipulate videos until they are perfect.
If you happen to be an aspiring music maker, video director, movie maker, or a YouTube sensation, then this application is perfect for you. As an artist, you get to record your songs (interestingly, this app comes with an audio recorder) and make videos without having to spend outrageous fees to record and edit your videos. One of the most interesting things about the Add Music app is that it is incredibly easy to make use of. With little or no knowledge of video making and production, you can conveniently make use of this app to create compelling videos. Most people who have made use of this app have attested to its user-friendly nature. As mentioned above, it is incredibly easy to make use of. This is one of the main features of this amazing YouTube editor app. Additionally, this app offers you the opportunity to trim songs on your playlist.
By simply clicking on a tab, you could configure the volume of the music you want to add to your videos. This app turns you into a video star in less than no time. To ensure that more people get to see your amazing videos, a share button has been made available. Directly from this app, you could send your edited videos to your fans and loved ones on various social media platforms. Also, you could share to YouTube, and if viewed you could make a little cash.

Audio Editing

In basic terms, audio editing refers to the manipulation as well as the rearrangement of audio content to ensure that they sound perfect. Often times when you record audio contents with the help of a recording app, you still hear the background noise. This makes it difficult for your target audience to get the right message. If you've been in that situation, you would know the importance of audio editing applications. You will find it interesting to know that one of these applications have been developed. Add Music happens to be that amazing platform. One of the most fascinating and unique things about this application is that it offers you the opportunity to add music to videos.
This app offers you the opportunity to trim the length of audio contents as well as letting you adjust the amplitude level of the content.

With this app, you could become a remix maker, that is you could decide to edit songs or make covers. Those aspiring to be artists will find this app very helpful as they seek to break into the industry. You could record songs with the audio recorder, have them edited to make them sound better and more appealing to the ears.
Some of the other things the Add Music app would allow you to do include but are definitely not limited to these;
  • This app would allow you to import and export audio files simply for the purpose of editing
  • The Add Music app would offer you the opportunity to edit the length of the file, the stop time, the start time, and also edit the entire file.
  • This would allow you to mix various sound or files together. Also, you get to choose the volume and time each of these files can be mixed together.
  • This app affords you the opportunity to add certain filters and advanced sound effect that would definitely make your content sound professional.
With this music app, in less than no time, you could become a music star. As an added feature, a share button has been made available. This allows you to share your edited audios to your potential listeners.

Background Color Editing

When it comes to editing videos, there is one important aspect that should never be overlooked. That is background color. For your videos to look professional, your background color would have to be well placed. Also, it should be in such a way that it matches other aspects of the video. Surprisingly, while most applications that claim to be video editors have been developed, you will find it surprising to know that most of them lack this vital skill. Although, one app has been developed to enable you wherever you are to make videos, add music to videos, edit audio, and also edit your video background color.
To become a professional movie maker, there's every need for you to master how to efficiently edit the background color. Although it is quite difficult to learn and practice, the Add Music app has simplified the process in such a way that those with little or no knowledge of how video editing works are able to efficiently make use of this app. The user-friendly Interface simply happens to be a unique feature of this app. Irrespective of where you plan to upload the video, this video editor when used would ensure that the end result is amazing.
Another unique feature of this app is that it offers users the opportunity to add sound and video effects to their songs and videos.
These videos effects come in different colors and formats, meaning that you have to choose which one best suit the type of video editing job you are working on. With this app, you can edit your background color into something that would be appealing to the eyes of your target audience. Interestingly, this app has a YouTube downloader feature which means that you get to download some of the amazing videos uploaded on the platform.
Additionally, this app comes with an audio recorder ADD SCREENSHOT HERE which offers you the opportunity to record your audio files for your videos as well as songs. Instead of switching to another app to share after you must have edited the background, this app provides a direct share link.

Saving And Sharing Options

Have you ever been in need of a video saver app? Have you created an amazing video or audio file only to find out that there is no share button? If you have ever found yourself in any of these two situations, then you would definitely agree to the fact that it is frustrating and time-consuming. To enable users to save and share files on various social media platforms, one of the leading video editor applications in the world has incorporated the save and share feature. Add Music happens to be that amazing platform.
As the name implies, this video editor and recording app offers you the opportunity to add music to videos. Also, with this app you get to save interesting videos you stumble on. Aside from that, this video editor lets you add amazing sound and video effects to your files.
The save option that has been incorporated allows you as a user to save files on various platforms. Also, once you have saved these files, you could decide to share them with your loved ones as well. You could also decide to edit them before sharing. Whichever way, this app has the right features that would enable you to become a movie maker.
If you plan on venturing into video production, this YouTube editor and audio recorder app give you a good head start. With this app, you can make captivating videos, edit them, add any music of your choice, then share to your loved ones and fans on various social media platforms. If done consistently, you could end up becoming one of the top video makers in the country. This app gives you the freedom to save video and audio files, edit, and share them with your loved ones. Also, you could download videos from YouTube, and this is because the YouTube downloader feature has been integrated into the amazing application.
Generally, Add Music is more than a video editor with sharing and saving options; it is a tool that would set you on the path of becoming a music star, movie maker, or the next YouTube sensation. Start sharing those videos now!

Make Youtube Videos Easily

The Add Music app is one that has been designed with tons of amazing features that would definitely help you on your way to becoming either a video maker or a music star. You will find it interesting to know that with this amazing video editor, you could make and upload videos on YouTube. While most people are ignorant of the fact, you stand a chance of making huge funds from uploading videos on the YouTube platform. Aside from the fact that this application can turn you into a professional movie maker, you could also make extra cash from the YouTube platform.
We will take a look at how this app can help you do so. First, this app affords you the opportunity to add music to videos as you would definitely be needing sound. This app has an audio recorder that would let you record and add your own audio file to the video. This would make it a whole lot easier for you to reach your target audience. Also, the direct share link would afford you the opportunity to share the edited video to your YouTube channel immediately.
Secondly, it is easy to make use of. Those with little or no knowledge of video editing can easily make use of this application to help them post videos on YouTube. One unique and amazing feature of this application is the "YouTube editor". This feature has been incorporated to enable you to edit your YouTube videos right before you upload them on your channel.
To make use of this app, you have to follow these 5 easy steps. These steps are;
  1. You have to select the location of the video file you have made
  2. You then have to add background music from your Apple Music app.
  3. The app offers you a creative part where you decide where you have to trim your videos and at the same time add the music. This app also allows you to shorten the length of the video as well.
Once all these have been done, the next thing would be to save the edited video

Auto Retouch

This is one of the many features of the amazing Selfie Editor application. On this app, this feature offers you the opportunity to retouch your photos. That is, to make them more beautiful by adding slight and fascinating touches to it. This amazing picture editor application offers you the opportunity to choose from a long list of picture editor effects. One of the interesting things about this faceapp is that you do not have to wear makeup while taking photos, all you would have to do is use the beauty plus feature which will totally transform your images into something mind-blowing.
This application comes with the Camera360 feature which allows you to set a timer for your pictures, thus, making them more captivating and aesthetic. The makeup filter comes with additional items like; rings, hairbands, necklace, crowns, glasses, etc. These additional accessories are incorporated into the app in such a way that others will not believe you didn't wear them before taking the photos. Once you have edited your photos with the auto retouch feature that is capable of making you look more appealing, you can share those amazing pictures with your friends and loved ones on social media.
The auto retouch feature of the Selfie Editor app is used to alter the foundation of an image, thus, ensuring that it becomes more attractive and appealing to the eyes. Unlike most of the retouching systems, the auto retouch feature incorporated into this photo editor app does things in an instant. You do not have to manually do it, all you have to do is tap the "Retouch" button. Some of the core aspects of auto retouch include but are definitely not limited to these; removal of photo background, enhancement of photo, general photo edit, adding effects to photos, photo masking, and changing from raster to vector. When you download this app, you lay your hands on one of the finest face editor applications that have been developed. Interestingly, it comes with a video editor feature. This feature will allow you to take and edit unforgettable memories which can be shared with your loved ones.

Patch Feature

If you've ever taken a nice picture in a very cool area only to find out later that there are some dirty or filthy things around the background that should be not be shared to the public, then you would agree that it could be frustrating trying to edit or crop out. It could also ruin the beauty of the well-taken photo. Interestingly, the Selfie Editor app comes with an amazing feature. The patch feature allows you to edit or enhance an image.
 To explain better, this feature on this Aviary photo editor allows you to make up for some of the other sides of the picture that may not look appealing. The main reason for incorporating this feature alongside other amazing features like; teeth whitening, reshaping feature, etc is to ensure that the images are perfect.
Aside from the patch feature, this face app has been designed with a camera and video editor. With this high spec camera, you can take amazing photos. Interestingly, after taking these photos with the Camera360, you can edit or enhance them directly from the app. While most applications would require you to switch to another app to edit, this picture editor allows you to do so from the app. Also, you can share these edited photos with your friends and well-wishers on all social media platforms directly from the app.
This app comes with the beauty plus feature that immediately transforms your selfies into any professional beauty level of your choice. As part of the patch feature, you could decide to crop or rotate the photos to make sure that they are in perfect and professional shape. To make the most, you could decide to increase the brightness, contrast, and temperature of the photos. While most photo editors would make the photos blur or lose its image quality when cropped, this amazing picture editor promises the same image quality even after you must have edited the picture. The make-up feature also gives you the opportunity to choose from a long list of make-up accessories. In fact, this app has been developed for all irrespective of your preferences.

Reshape Feature

Do you have any physical shortcoming you would love to hide from people? Would you love to have amazing pictures without having to worry about how your teeth, eyes, nose or any other part of your body is shaped? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then the Selfie Editor app is for you. This breathtaking face app has been designed with some of the most amazing features that would definitely leave you hooked. One of these features is the "reshape feature."
Unknown to most people, this feature offers you the opportunity to either reshape or rearrange your skin, complexion, or teeth.
 If you feel that any part of your body may need to be reshaped once you take a photo, the Selfie Editor will help you do the job. This picture editor allows you as a user to take captivating photos with Camera360 (which enables you set timers), then edit and reshape these images in such a way that the end product would leave you speechless. To make you look more appealing, Photoshop fix has been incorporated into the app. With little or no knowledge, you could create compelling and amazing images.
This photo editor also happens to be a video editor. This means that you get to edit videos right before you send them to your loved ones. This app also has a share button that allows you to share images with your loved ones irrespective of where they are in the world. Some of the core essentials of reshaping that this application offers include but are definitely not limited to these; the makeup feature which allows you add all makeup accessories to ensure that you look as captivating as possible, the beauty plus feature that offers you the opportunity to look as beautiful as possible, and also a variety of picture editor effects.
Interestingly, irrespective of your personality, there is a reshape accessory that would definitely suit your style. Also, there are a variety of stickers that you can choose from. These stickers could be used to create awareness for a campaign, thus, making your photos look more professional.

Teeth Whitening

As humans, we were born with certain shortcomings that if possible, we would be willing to hide from the glaring eyes of people. One of those shortcomings is darkening teeth. While most people have sought out several ways to get rid of this embarrassing shortcoming, it has proven to stay. To enable you to hide this shortcoming that could tarnish your general image especially for those seeking to venture into the entertainment industry, the Selfie Editor application has been developed. This app comes with the teeth whitening feature. This feature offers you the opportunity to make your teeth whiter than normal.
Aside from the fact that this photo editor app offers you the opportunity to whiten your teeth,
 it also allows you to shape them well and at the same time add certain effects. It comes with an airbrush that would be used to correct all imperfections on your skin. The facetune feature of this app allows you to modify or edit any skin shortcoming. It also comes with varieties of photo editor effects that would definitely leave you astonished. To make use of the whitening feature on this app, you simply have to click on the "Toothbrush" tool.
Once you click, you are given the option to choose how white you want your teeth to be. Also, you can decide to reshape to ensure that it looks perfect. When you take photos with the camera, you can also edit to make the work perfect.
Interestingly, it comes with a video editor, a makeup feature, and the amazing beauty plus camera that allows you to edit the camera settings right before you take the photos. The teeth whitening feature of this face editor cum video editor allows users to remove all forms of tooth scars and moles. You could also decide to add amazing frames that would make the pictures more appealing to the eyes.
Generally, this picture editor app was developed with interesting features that would make your photos look appealing and aesthetic. Additionally, you can decide to share these amazing pictures with your friends and family on various social media platforms directly from the app.

Lips Feature

Often times when you take those mind-blowing pictures, you discover that your lips were not properly placed or that the color of your lip does not match the clothing or background of the photo. If this has ever happened to you, you would definitely understand how frustrating it could be especially when it is for a professional purpose. If you've ever experienced this and would not want to find yourself in that position next time, then the Selfie Editor is an app that you should never let go. This app has been designed with some of the most amazing features that if applied will definitely leave your pictures breathtaking and superbly gorgeous.
Amongst its many features is the lip feature.
This feature offers you the opportunity to change the color of your lips and also adjust the position and tone of the lip to ensure that it matches your face and clothing. Also, this feature affords you the opportunity to choose from a long list of colors. You could decide to make your lips brighter by simply increasing the brightness, the temperature, or even the contrast. This photo editor has been designed with all the amazing features that would guarantee you mind-blowing pictures.
Aside from the fact that you can change the tone and color of your lip, this app allows you to edit the tone and color of your eyes. You get to also remove dark circles or spots close to the eyes. There are a whole lot of picture editor effects that you could also make use of to produce beautiful, professional, and error-free photos. With the Photoshop fix feature integrated into the app, you could also import certain parts from other images to make yours more appealing. Unlike most of the other picture editors, the aviary selfie editor comes with a video editor feature. You could also change the tone and color of your lip when you make videos with this amazing app. Additionally, you could decide to share these images with your friends and fans on all social media platforms. The app offers you a direct share link.

Friday, February 17, 2017

4 self-discipline hacks

One of the social medias that I spend most of time on is YouTube. Few months back I started to get this feeling that I have been probably spending too much time on the popular video platform. So, I set up a software called RescueTime in order to track where or which sites, I am spending what part of time on daily basis. And the report was shocking to me. I was spending more than half of my time there everyday, when I was planning to spend just few minutes watching couple of videos. 

I was clearly lacking discipline of my own. So, I started talking to few people on how they keep themselves disciplined and here is the list that I came up with:

2 minute rule

Procrastination is the killer of your productivity and here is a simple rule that you can follow to fight that. Whenever you feel that you are not working or wasting your time, just spend 2 minutes on your works. 2 minutes, that is it. It is You will be surprised how this 2 minutes can make you get going and continuing the work more than you planned when starting.

Why this works? It is less daunting to say to yourself that "I will just do this for 2 minutes" than trying to convince yourself to work on it for the whole day.

Focus on one thing

Everyday write down 3 things that you think will be impactful in any area of your life. Pick the one you want to do the least and complete it first. Once that inconvenient task is sorted out, you will find the rest of the list much easier to finish and may be even start working on tomorrow's list.

The tricky part here is to not get distracted by any external factors. So, some advocates of this rule suggest that you turn off email, social media access or any similar things that may contribute adding new tasks to your daily goals, until 11 AM in the morning.

Make a bet

Okay, so you have set your goals, may be have fixed a deadline for one of your projects. However, you still don't feel motivated to finish it by the deadline. There is an extreme approach that will almost guarantee that you will put yourself at work and this is how it goes.

If you are using social media, put a post on your wall or account saying that you want to complete this task of yours by a specific timeframe and if you cannot make it to the finish line, you will pay X amount of money to the people who comment in your post. Otherwise, make the bet between your family members or close friends, by giving them X amount of money, saying they will only return you the money only when you have completed your tasks by the deadline you set.

Here is why it works:
  • If you are making the bet with your own circles, you will be more inclined to work in order to save your face.
  • It holds you accountable to your peers.
  • Just making the declaration itself is an important action. 
  • It is the first actionable item towards obtaining your goals. It sets the wheel in motion.

Use tools

Take the help of tools and technologies available and keep the hard disc of your brain as less filled up as possible. I use project management tools like Asana or Producteev to keep track of my office projects as well as my personal tasks. Whenever I feel I have a task that needs to be addressed at a later time, I do not put that burden of remembering the task on my head. I schedule that task in one of those tools at an appropriate time and then I don't bother about it until I am reminded again by the tool. This helps focusing on only the work that I have at my hand.

The beauty of being self-disciplined is that you will not allow your choices to be dictated by impulses or emotions. It makes you take rational decisions on a daily basis without feeling overly stressed. All of these tips and hacks will only if you are committed to the goals you have set. As the saying goes, if you are interested in something you will do what is convenient, but if you are committed, you will do whatever it takes. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My experience in Founder Institute's Bangladesh chapter

I am currently in the process of graduating from the Founder Institute’s First Dhaka/Bangladesh program in 2015. The program started on 17th of February with an orientation and now finishing on 21st of May with the graduation session. In Founder Institute, I have been working with my idea to publish localized mobile and social games with my startup "TapStar Interactive Software Limited". I want to share my experience and advice for the possible future founders or people just interested in this program so that they can get an idea of what is like to be in the program, what to expect from it and what not to expect. Feel free to reach me at the contact information given at the end of this post.

So what is Founder Institute. The Founder Institute is the world's largest entrepreneur training and startup launch program, helping aspiring founders across the globe build enduring technology companies. Although it is based in Silicon Valley it has chapters across 50 countries, like Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Japan, UK etc. The program is heavily mentor-driven, who themselves are entrepreneurs, CEO's of existing companies. The goal of the program is to take people with the right personality and determination from idea stage to start a viable business at the end of the program through structured effort and experienced mentor-ship .

What is great about the program:

  1. The program lasted for about 3 and half months. There were assignments, group meetings, mentor feedback every week and these are all very structured, well-designed to make sure you make lesser amount of mistakes while building your company.
  2. At every session, the founders get to pitch and hone their pitch about their company. You will get some real and brutal feedback from mentors that will help you will reshaping your idea in a better way.
  3. You get feedback on your idea not only from mentors, but from your peers also. This is great because it is hard to find so many people with entrepreneurial mindset in the same room anywhere else. 
  4. Once you are enrolled in Founder Institute, you get access to lot of great resources in FI's site, like videos, slides from experienced Founders from all around the world, which were recorded from other Founder Institute sessions. 
  5. Getting to discuss your idea/business with mentors in one to one meeting. There are 2-4 mentors in each session and after the session you can talk to the mentors to get some schedule out of their busy time and if you can do that, the advice you will get is invaluable.
  6. You will most probably need some seed fund when you have finalized your idea at the end of the program and you can get the chance to meet local and global investors through this program.

What to consider before joining in:

  1. The dropout pressure. In all the sessions, the most pronounced word we heard was the word "Drop Out". The pressure of dropout begin from the very first class and it would be there till the ending classes. So, determination is one of things you need to preserve in order to continue in the program.
  2. Assignments are important for graduating and there is deadline for each assignment. If you miss one or cannot finish one in time, guess what will be waiting for you, another assignment, a "Special" assignment. But trust me, you don't want to feel special in this scenario, as there is chance for "Drop Out".
  3. If you are very sensitive about getting negative feedback from mentors, then this program is probably not for you. I remember one of the sessions where Adeo was present and was giving feedback about the names of the companies by the founders. Some founders were not ready to accept the feedback the way Adeo gave it. But Adeo's feedback was helpful for me to finally choose my company's name.
  4. You have to be serious about incorporating your company and the cost behind the incorporation. There were cases where founder had to drop out for not being able to complete the incorporation.
  5. The program is mainly for technology startups. If you starting a different type of company, you might want to check the local directors first.

We started with 29 founders in the beginning but now left with 6 founders. And this is pretty common in FI's  program of other cities around the world. Although the percentage of founders finishing the program is very low, Founder Institute boasts about success rate of 85% for their graduating founders. 

Is Founder Institute an ideal incubator for a Dhaka based Entrepreneur? 

The answer can be yes or no depending on how Founder Institute's program structure fits you. Positive personality, more than 100% effort along with good business idea is a must to survive. If you look for startup incubator or accelerator program in Dhaka or Bangladesh, I believe Founder Institute is the best offer that you can go out for now.

Thank you for reading this. and in case of any question you can reach me here: masud <at> tapstarapps <dot> com.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Future of mobile game in South Asia

One of the Most thriving mobile market

324 million internet users in South Asia as of January 2015. (Source: Statistica 2015). In urban areas, mobile penetration has reached almost 100% and the continued growth is coming from semi-urban and rural areas, driven by cheap handsets, cheap connections and one of the lowest voice call charges in the world.  Mobile has brought about a silent revolution in this region.


Growth opportunity for mobile games

With 135.7% CAGR towards 2016, India is rapidly expanding due to high mobile gamer penetration. Improvement of basic infrastructure will help India reaching $571.6 million by 2016, backed by 208.2million mobile gamers.

Role of Localization

In a survey of 855 Internet Society members across South Asia, survey participants considered the persisting urban-rural digital divide, as well as the lack of multi-lingual, localised content as critical issues that must be addressed to further increase Internet uptake in South Asia.

Great localization will play a key role in driving up gaming engagement and ARPU across South Asia. On the other hand, western game developers aiming to break into the region will be best served by partnering with their South Asian counterparts who understand the local cultural mores. The sign has already beginning to show, as the famous mobile game "Cut the Rope" was re-published to China by partnering up with a Chinese publisher and now they are eyeing on India to bring the game here.

Carrier billing on mobile platforms

Credit card penetration is still very low in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. As a result mobile banking and operator billing the viable option for directly monetising from mobile apps/games. Good news is people are getting used to mobile banking more and more. Only in Bangladesh the number of registered customers is 2.07 crore, according to the Bangladesh Bank website.

Following is a report of mobile game/apps ARPPU revenue ($) through carrier billing in South Asia:

Final thoughts

South Asia is an excellent opportunity for mobile games. In here countries like Bangladesh allows 100% foreign ownership of companies and five year tax holidays for new technology startups. Number of game companies is still at the low end, however the competition is rising slowly. There are significant opportunities for new players and investment in mobile advertisement and mobile games.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

New Map, AI System and GUI

Pretty much every zombie shooting game has some levels in a sci fi environment. So, there you go. New levels added in the game.
AI system in this game follows the basics from Valve's popular game "Left 4 Dead". 3 goals set for the implementation are:
  • Promote Re-playability
  • Generate Dramatic Game Pacing
  • Deliver Robust Behavior Performances
Meeting these goals while working with Unity3D did present it's own challenges. I may put some post detailing my approach to overcome the issues. Some of them will cover topics like the ways to implement dynamic spawning of enemy characters in an arbitrary map while tweaking the spawn position with parameters like in front/behind the player, highland or ground etc. Dynamic game pacing also seem to be of great value considering the simplicity of the algorithm that has been used. Both of these topics help adding re-playability to your game.

Following are the basic framework for the GUI system in game. In a nutshell

This is the main menu.

Level selection menu. An overall area map where the game levels take place.

In-app store where you can upgrade / buy stuffs like guns, health packs, powerups etc.

This is where you equip yourself with guns and supplies and get into the game. You can take maximum 3 guns, 1 explosive item and 2 powerups/health kits with you.

Note that, the images of the menu screens does not reflect the final outlook or art style. It is just to show how the menu navigation will work. Next update should be on more new levels and new characters in the game.